What do the Seahawks look like at the Field Museum of Science and Industry?

The Seattle Mariners look like a team of superheroes from the future.The Seattle Sounders look like the future of soccer, but they’re also the Seattle Seahawks of the 21st century.What do these two look like?Well, they are the same team in that they are both the Seattle Sounders.Seattle Sounders are a soccer team that started…

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The Seattle Mariners look like a team of superheroes from the future.

The Seattle Sounders look like the future of soccer, but they’re also the Seattle Seahawks of the 21st century.

What do these two look like?

Well, they are the same team in that they are both the Seattle Sounders.

Seattle Sounders are a soccer team that started playing in the Major League Soccer in 1994, and they have won two MLS Cups.

Seattle has won three Supporters’ Shields.

The Seahawks have won six MLS Cups in Seattle.

But they also have a long history in Seattle, dating back to the 1960s when the Sounders played their first game at CenturyLink Field.

The Mariners have a history in Washington, but the Seattle Mariners don’t have a team.

They play at Safeco Field.

Seattle has been an NBA franchise since it moved to Seattle in 1993.

Seattle is home to the Seattle Supersonics, a basketball team, and the Seahawks have had a presence in the NBA since the 1992 season.

But the team hasn’t played in the league since the 2000-01 season.

Seattle’s soccer history goes back a long way.

The Sounders first soccer game was played at Century Link Field on July 1, 1990, the team’s first home game since 1992.

In 1996, Seattle was added to Major League Baseball’s American League and became the first team to play in a major league stadium in a building that is taller than it is wide.

In 1999, the Seattle Wizards played their inaugural season at Century Station, and in 2010, the Mariners won their first-ever playoff game at Safecamp Field.

Since Seattle’s MLS debut, the Seahawks has won nine straight MLS Cups, including a first-round playoff victory in 2017 over the LA Galaxy.

Seattle’s run of success also includes the 2017 Supporters’ Shield, which was the first trophy awarded to a team in the NWSL.

The Seattle Sounders won the MLS Cup in 2016.

The Seahawks are the second-best team in Major League soccer, and it has been a success story.

Seattle won the 2016 Supporters’ Cup, and also reached the MLS Playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

The club has qualified for the 2016 FIFA Women’s World Cup and has qualified in three of the past four years.

Seattle also won the 2018 MLS Cup.

In 2017, Seattle also reached a World Cup final, and won the league’s Eastern Conference championship.

The team also reached two MLS Cup Finals and three CONCACAF Champions League final appearances.

Seattle was named one of ESPN’s 30 Under 30 for 2017.

The Sounders won their second MLS Cup title in 2018, and were also one of three MLS Cup winners in the 2018 season.

The other two wins came in the 2017 season and the 2018 regular season.

Seattle made their third-straight playoff appearance in the 2019 season.

In 2018, the Sounders were the first MLS team to win a Supporters’ Club Shield.

The 2018 Supporters’ Trophy was awarded to the league champion and featured players including Seattle Sounders’ goalkeeper Brad Evans, the MLS’ MVP, and goalkeeper Nick Rimando, the league MVP.

Seattle won its first MLS Cup championship in 2021, and went on to win the 2018 Supporters Club Shield as well as the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup in 2018.

The club has won the CONCACaf Champions League, FIFA Club Champions League and the Copa Libertadores in the last three seasons.

Seattle reached the 2017 FIFA World Cup semifinals in Brazil, and was one of four teams to qualify for the 2019 tournament in South America.

The 2017 season saw Seattle win the Supporters’ Trust Award as the top professional soccer team in America, and win its first Supporters’ Player of the Year award in the process.

The following season, Seattle made its first playoff appearance since winning the MLS Championship in 2019.

The 2019 regular season saw the team advance to the semifinals of the 2018 CONCACAGaming Cup, the CONCAF Champions Cup and the FIFA Club Cup.

Seattle is currently second in the Western Conference and first in the Pacific Division.

The franchise also earned the 2018 Pacific Northwest Conference Championship.

Seattle holds a history of winning big in Seattle sports.

In 2017, the club was named to the Associated Press’ 100 Best Teams in Major Leagues, and became one of just eight MLS teams to win its second MLS Championship.

In 2018, Seattle became the third MLS franchise to earn the Supporters Club Champions Award, and is also the only team to qualify and win two Supporters’ Clubs Shield titles in the same season.

The team is currently fourth in the Northwest Division and fifth in the West.

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