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New York — The first time I visited the Natural History Museum in New York City in 2010, I was stunned by its beautiful, open architecture and the museum’s vast collection of fossilized animals.I thought about it as I walked through the lobby.That was then.Now, the museum is in a state of reconstruction and the…

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New York — The first time I visited the Natural History Museum in New York City in 2010, I was stunned by its beautiful, open architecture and the museum’s vast collection of fossilized animals.

I thought about it as I walked through the lobby.

That was then.

Now, the museum is in a state of reconstruction and the lobby is a mess.

Its walls are covered with the same graffiti as those of the 1970s, when the museum first opened, which reads, “We are the museum of animals.”

And it’s not just the walls: The exhibits are also missing the ornate murals that had been the hallmark of the building’s design from its opening in 1872 until the late 1960s, the time when it was known as the New York Botanical Garden.

There are also empty tables, tables and chairs, and a few of the exhibits’ original paintings are gone, along with many of the dinosaurs that once graced the museum.

The museum is also missing a vast amount of artwork.

A recent renovation of the museum began last month, and its main galleries are back to their former glory.

But while the museum will still be open to the public, many visitors will be forced to wait in long lines and wait in line at the museum itself.

The museum has not had a budget to maintain its collection in the years since the museum was built in 1876.

And it has not been able to keep up with a flood of visitors who flock to New York every year to see dinosaurs.

Many visitors to the museum go to the animal section for the first time, but they usually leave without seeing the dinosaurs.

And those who do visit, it seems, are mostly not interested in seeing the fossils, or even the museum, which is packed with many rare specimens, and not much else.

“When you’re walking around and you’re thinking, ‘Is this what the museum looks like?’, you’re kind of shocked,” said John McVey, a museum researcher.

McVey was part of a team that took over the museum in the 1980s and was looking to restore it.

He is now in charge of the renovation project, which he described as “the biggest project I’ve ever been involved in.”

It’s a huge task, and it will take years.

The building was built by a wealthy, Irish-born entrepreneur, Robert Blythe, in the 1870s.

He died in 1893, and he left a fortune of $150 million.

His daughter, Mary, inherited the building from her father, but she sold the property in 2006.

It’s now managed by a consortium of wealthy families and institutions, and is owned by the Museum of Natural History.

McVechy, who now lives in Boston, is leading the effort to save the building.

The renovation will take about six months, and McVessey hopes to finish the project in 2019.

But even then, it will not be completely complete, because the museum has been forced to close for several years.

He has a big task to complete: he has to restore the walls, floors, and the floors of the museums main exhibits.

Mcvey is optimistic that, in six months’ time, the entire building will be back to its former glory, but that doesn’t mean it will be ready for public use.

“I’m not looking for a $500 return,” McVysse said.

“I’m looking for people to come and pay $400 and come back and see the dinosaurs, and that’s where the excitement comes in.

That’s the biggest challenge.

But the challenge is getting that excitement.”

McVyssey said he hopes the renovation will also give the building a fresh coat of paint, adding, “I know the walls will look a little different.”

He has already received some help from the city.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised to provide $300,000 to the restoration effort, and New York State has also contributed a few hundred thousand dollars.

Mcvysse is also looking for help from some outside the museum who can help with the renovation.

He said the museum would welcome anyone who would like to help with maintenance of the historic building, which has seen several major renovations in the last few years.

But McVsey said, “That’s the big challenge: getting that enthusiasm back.”

If the project is successful, the restoration of the Museum’s main exhibit will be completed.

But McVeeys is not satisfied.

He wants to see the entire collection of fossils in a new location, and to have a big dinosaur exhibit as part of the restored exhibits.

But he is not ready to let the building reopen just yet.

“It will take time,” he said.

“If the restoration succeeds, and I think it will, then we’ll be back.”

Follow our live blog coverage for more information on the restoration project and how to make a donation.

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